The Advent Calendar and Around The Year

"Delightful mix of fun and education which encourages family traditions in a world often too busy for family time together. These heartwarming products have been produced from a recipe of love, prayer, intelligence, and lots of creativity. Let Mary Ann's gifts bring your family joy and peace at Christmas time and all year round."
- Brenda S., New Jersey

"Our children love the advent calendar. I believe that our holiday season his been enriched because of it. The anticipation and daily activities have been a blessing to our family from the youngest, 3 years, to the oldest 14 years."
- Valarie B, Pennsylvania

"Our whole family had such a wonderful blessing with the advent calendar you created. Our teenage daughter was delighted to take ownership of the whole process. We were pleased to see how much she wanted the younger children to get so much enjoyment out of it. She cut out all of the laminated pieces, cut out the activities slips, etc. Our teen son read a devotional aloud as well. We did this first thing in the morning over the Advent season. It was a great way to start the day. We had so much fun together! There were so many meaningful activities. We discussed the history of the candy cane, cut out paper snowflakes and decorated our kitchen windows with them. We made bird seed ornaments and hung them outside to watch the birds enjoy them. My husband and I selected our Christmas tree as a surprise, and our daughter went ahead and made sure that the slip "Let's get a Christmas tree" was in the next pocket. We left the Christmas tree on the front porch. The kids were so excited to find the Christmas tree. It was a delight to my husband and I to surprise them with it a little bit early this year. They had been anticipating when we would buy it. We enjoyed it for more weeks then ever! Thank you for all of the effort that you put into creating this project. It made the weeks preparing our hearts for Christmas all the more precious."
-Maria P., Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania

Great Books (Non-steroidal)

"I was so relieved that someone else who knew and had really studied these important works had written thoughtful, purposeful, and probing questions for them. I believe the resulting discussion really illuminated the works for my son. I could have never done them justice on my own."
- Kathy W., Annville, Pennsylvania (mom of student)

"Having these questions really helped me focus on the important themes of the book, and they were invaluable in our group discussions. (And the snacks and recliner were pretty nice, too!)"
- Daniel W., Annville, Pennsylvania (student of the mom above)

"The Great Books class was a fun way to expose my son to some great literature, that he otherwise, would not have chosen. Discussion time, with questions, was extremely helpful and according to my son, enabled him to better understand what he read, and actually made it interesting. That says a lot from a kid who doesn't say much."
- Ginny M, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, (Mom of a student)

Seven Sevens To Celebrate The Way To Heaven: A Resource For Lent

"I really love this book! Having done Advent activities with our family when our children were young, I know our children would have enjoyed these activities year after year. Though my own children are grown now, I am praying that this book will enrich many children's (and parents') spiritual lives! Perhaps someday I can share it with my grandchildren."
- Darlene C., Clinton Township, Pennsylvania

"Why do we eat donuts on Fat Tuesday? What is Maundy Thursday? Why are there seven legs on the lady on the Lenten calendar? Great fun and wonderful resources for creating your own family traditions for Lent are found in this well written and engaging book for the whole family. This book is a well documented resource filled with crafts, activities and beautiful photos that are appealing to all ages."
- Karen K., Radford, VA

Veni Emmanuel

"We were given the Veni Emmanuel CD as a Christmas gift and have enjoyed it ever since. We don't care that the music is Christmas as we feel many are just truly hymns of the story of our Lord. The worshipful blending of the voices and instruments is quite restful and pleasing to our ears and to our spirit."
- Nada R., Rapid City, SD

"My appreciation for well-presented arrangements of very old Christmas music has been heightened by the clarity and purity of these beautiful numbers. The benefit of looking back to original compositions which have been adapted to the contemporary tastes, makes us aware of the composers' intent - angelic harmonies. Congratulations on an album very well performed."
- Marion H., Hershey, Pennsylvania