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Advent Calendars

One never knows what a child will bring into their adult world as a special memory, but the Eaglesons are rejoicing that a memory focused on Jesus is in their children's top choices.

Due to her son's encouraging thoughts on Advent, Mary Ann re-designed two central items that they used since their children were very young. One of these is an Advent Nativity Calendar Kit that is unusual as it combines several aspects that are often separate in Advent Calendars or activities. It includes 28 pockets and 48 activity cards. Parents can read through the cards which have simple and more complex activity suggestions and decide which they think best for their given days. Each card also states that a piece to the Advent Nativity can be found in a certain place in the house, like near the stove, in the refrigerator, etc. Each day they find the piece, add it to the Calendar's growing Nativity scene until Baby Jesus is finally added on Christ- mas morning, and do the special activity that is suggested on that day's card.

This Advent Nativity Calendar is constructed with a 3 by 4 foot piece of green or blue needle punch or felt carpet; a bamboo dowel; a gold hanging cord; and 27# heavy weight, matte laminated paper nativity pieces, which will not peel due to a special laminating process. Each piece utilizes an adhesive Velcro on the back so it will stick well to the carpet. This allows children to play with and place the objects in any configuration they desire. They can make the wise men move closer to Bethlehem each day, move the sheep all around the field, etc. The calendar also includes a set of felt stars as one of the total 28 objects, allowing children to make constellations, and arrange the stars in endless fashion. The calendar's construction is very durable and it will be usable for years to come.

This Advent Nativity Calendar kit comes with complete instructions and it will take one person about 2-3 hours to assemble for usage. The assembly is very simple and includes the following activities: cutting out the 27 objects, 48 activity cards, and 55 felt stars; cutting the hook material into small squares and applying it to the back of each object; and gluing 28 pre-cut squares on to the background.

Focus your Christmas on Christ and perhaps you will hear your children, grandchildren, friends, students, or other special people in your lives, someday say, "I remember Advent as one of my favorite childhood or adult memories!" Colors of carpet, though always green or blue and material squares, though mostly red, may vary in shades depending on availability.

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