"Mom, you have to tell other parents about this! Of all my childhood memories, this is one of my favorites!"

Our son Nathan stated the above in his early twenties when he was still taking part in our family Advent activities. All of our children still love doing Advent, Lenten and other family activities. We are a family owned business that has the goal of sharing with others some of the activities that the Lord has used in our lives to enrich our understanding of who He is, and our love for Him and each other.

The owners, Bruce and Mary Ann Eagleson, are born again Christians, as are their four children. They have been married more than three decades, and have home educated their children since birth though high school and beyond. They serve on the board of the Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership, a national advocacy group for home education. They also sit on the CHAP (Christian Homeschooling Association of Pennsylvania) Board. Mary Ann has been involved with several home education co-ops in participant as well as leadership roles, one of which started in their basement. Before marriage and children, Mary Ann earned a Masters Degree with a focus in Christian Education, worked as a Director of Christian Education in her church and coordinated a regional Christian education resource center for a major denomination. Christian Education has been one of her loves in life, whether at home or in the wider Christian community Bruce is an emergency room physician with the Veteran's Administration and serves as the chairman of both of the above mentioned boards. Both Bruce and Mary Ann have spoken in many public venues and written articles for periodicals. This sharing has often taken place in the homeschooling community. Mary Ann has created several of the products that Tell It carries. Their children have created some of them as well.

Family Memories